Ven. Dr. M. Punnaji Mahathera

Bhante Punnaji was born in Sri Lanka and has lived in the United States since 1971. He conducts meditation retreats and Dhamma discussions in Washington DC, Boston, Los Angeles, Toronto and many other locations, from time to time. He is well known for explaining Buddhist teachings by comparing them with modern science and psychology.


  • Buddhology - What is a Buddha

  • Cosmology - the universe, its origin and structure

  • Eschatology - karma, rebirth and samsara

  • Soteriology - Nirvana - salvation, immortality

  • A gradual process of awakening - anupubba patipada

  • Who gets reborn?

  • 01-Buddha

  • 02-Culture of Buddhism

  • 03-Dukkha

  • 04-Essence of Buddhism

  • 05-Evolution of Mind

  • 06-If there is no self then who gets enlightened who gets reborn

  • 07-Jhana

  • 08-Mind

  • 09-Paticca Samuppada

  • 10-Phenomenon

  • 11-Pleasure & Happiness

  • 12-Purification of Mind

  • 13-Rebirth, Karma & Heaven

  • 14-Samsaric Buddhism

  • 15-The Sense of Values

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