Ajahn Sumedho / Luang Por Sumedho

Ajahn Sumedho is a prominent figure in the Thai Forest Tradition. His teachings are very direct, practical, simple, and down to earth. In his talks and sermons he stresses the quality of immediate intuitive awareness and the integration of this kind of awareness into daily life. Like most teachers in the Forest Tradition, Ajahn Sumedho tends to avoid intellectual abstractions of the Buddhist teachings and focuses almost exclusively on their practical applications, that is, developing wisdom and compassion in daily life. His most consistent advice can be paraphrased as to see things the way that they actually are rather than the way that we want or don't want them to be ("Right now, it's like this..."). He is known for his engaging and witty communication style, in which he challenges his listeners to practice and see for themselves. Students have noted that he engages his hearers with an infectious sense of humor, suffused with much loving kindness, often weaving amusing anecdotes from his experiences as a monk into his talks on meditation practice and how to experience life ("Everything belongs").

  • Brahma Viharas (1978)

  • Fear and doubt (1978)

  • Asking yourself questions (1978)

  • It’s my life, I’ll do what I want (1980)

  • Sharpening the razor (1980)

  • Offering sila, samadhi and panya (1981)

  • Paramitas (1981)

  • The six qualities of the Dhamma (1981)

  • Opinions (1981)

  • Effort, devotion, gratitude, joy (1981)

  • The island of here and now (2009)

  • The Dhamma of change – preparing to retire (2010)

  • Ideals do not have feelings (2010)

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